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What’s in a Name?



ebuvette………here’s why I love the moniker.

 I didn’t speak very much French way back when (still don’t).  It was my first year visiting the Cote d’Azur and I, with my new friends, walked down from the old town into the square in front of the cathedral in Menton, France.   Above a store,  carved deeply in the stone, was the word Buvette.  I said, Oh, is that the name of the owner?  You see my confusion.  Buvette sounded like, to me the uninformed,  Colette or Babette, both girl’s names,  

Looks of surprise all round.  “Mais Non!”  A buvette is a store that sells drinks, coffee, refreshments etc.  (originally it started out as selling just refreshments)  When I first saw it, it sold grocery items as well making it an epicerie too.  So you could have a coffee and buy a box sugar, etc.  Very handy location.  It saved a heart stopping walk back up from town for just a few items.

Now, on the little terrace adjacent to the shop, is where the Prince of Monaco sits when there is an evening concert in front of the cathedral.  Concerts are held in the summer. They are very fancy affairs, especially when the Prince is there.

A dear friend gave me the name “madame snack-cart”.  I have since taken the French version…..of course.  


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