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Everyone has that one place



Everyone has that one place they look back on that makes them happy; a thousand people, a thousand different places.  I like hearing about those favorite places from friends.

Just like finding the measure of a person sometimes can be partially explained by their passion, where a person dreams of going or returning again and again tells a lot about that person; perhaps it’s a contemplative adventure, relaxed, place to dig deep and think or someplace that has tons to do and seeing it all is what you  want or maybe a photographer’s ultimate dream locale, an artist’s perfect spot to paint or a place so remote it is bound to impress.  Perhaps it’s far away and maybe a bit dangerous, but your wish is to help people there in any way you can.

The American philosopher Richard Taylor was an accomplished and notable apiarist.  Reading about his passion I was able to have a better understand of his philosophy as examined through his actions in and devotion to his bee fields and apiaries.  How unlikely you may think, but true.     

So why is the Cote d’Azur so special to me?  The experiences on the first trip so terrific, although could not be repeated, I determined to make it a goal, to have more experiences in the place I was besotted, it’s all about new experiences, they keep us going forward; being surrounded by ancient historical architecture was thrilling, the insanely blue sky and sea intoxicating,....right from the very beginning I knew it was a place I had to return.  You know the feeling.

 Even the flora was the same as  that which I grew up, giving me a welcoming feeling; looking up and seeing the bluest of skies through pine trees (yes, there are pine trees there); even looking out on the bay covered with yachts I would never be invited to board.  That is a beautiful sight, by the way, whether you get to out on one or not.

You can’t be away from home forever on vacation; you always have to come home and that is not so bad.   Just think about all the memories you collected to assuage the day-to-day of your life.  The planning of the next get-away is half the fun anyway.

Now I have to shovel snow yet again and will attempt to keep the view of the pine tree in mind.  The snow will end and I will still  have the image to conjure.  We’ll see how that works.


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