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My Thoughts About Waiting



Waiting….”the pervasive and unfathomable aspect of human consciousness”, Raymond Tallis, PHILOSOPHY NOW magazine, “On Waiting”, his thoughts about “queuing and milling about”.  I appreciate that philosophers think about such things.

We wait for trains, “for the traffic lights to change”, we keep others waiting, water to boil, for news, hoping it’s good, picking up children from school and sports….and now, ever present in our lives, waiting in that tedious security-line at the airport.  “It fills  so much of our lives…waiting reflects our helplessness, our inability to control the pace as well as the course of events”, Tallis.

“Waiting transforms time into delay and we bear delay with less equanimity if we think it avoidable….There is no profession that does not have its waiting rooms.”, Tallis.  Who among us, at times, don’t wish we had brought a book to read, just in case, since one never knows when we will be required to wait.  Among the greatest inventions, for me, have been the iPhone and iPad to occupy me while waiting; these devices give us the ability to talk, write, read or simply check over and over texts and emails during those afore mentioned “unfathomable” hours of waiting.  Standing or sitting these, and all the others, fill the bill assuaging our restlessness.

Waiting is part of nature’s cycle; all around us, nature is waiting for when it is exactly the right time to share its beauty….seemingly unbothered by the wait.  There is a lot nature’s wonder going on underground that we can’t see and only when the time is right the changes happening above ground

I had never given much thought to waiting, we experience it so often…endlessly at times.  Goodness, it does take up so much time in our lives.  Best that I practice being more “patient” during those times, when I’ve no control of the situation but to wait; a human virtue, alas, for me in short supply.  As I wait, maybe I’ll think of something pretty or recall a particular fond memory or consider it “me time” (well maybe that’s going a bit too far).  We’ll see.


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